Planeta Moda Atelier
What is Planeta Moda Atelier?

It is an initiative designed to activate our creative consciousness.
Inspiration and creativity workshops where you will discover the creative process of a fashion collection.

You will discover your creative potential and its importance in our lives.
Your self-confidence will be boosted and you will learn how to be truly authentic.
You discover how to create, playing freely and with values.
We develop aptitudes and our senses and discover new horizons.

Planeta Moda is a movement, an artistic exchange where Estrella's friends, creative individuals from different disciplines share their artistic magic with the children in Catalan, Spanish and English; having fun, sharing, being conscious, creating, inspiring, imagining and feeling.

Who are we?

The designer, artist and creator Estrella Archs, with her team and friends from the worlds of art, fashion and design.

To whom is Planeta Moda directed?

To all those people who wish to express their inner creativity and discover their true vocation.
Girls/boys 7-14 years-old and pre-college.
Adults and professionals.